Beautiful You Are by IMX ( Immature ft Marques Houston)

I woke up in the middle of the night after one of the worst months of my life and this song title came into my head. I literally hadn’t thought of this song in years. It was as if something in the Universe wanted, needed me to remember my worth, what I have to offer and realize ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL” not just on the outside.. but the inside where it matters most.

So to anyone who has been feeling down, or alone, or unloved or if you are just a lover of good music. Here is Friday’s song

Beautiful You Are by IMX



Bonus song from that Era.. Oh how I loved this song too…

Used to think of it back then when thinking of my now 14 yr old sons father.. funny how the past never leaves us and how it haunts our memories… That was long ago.. But anyway heres the song

Gots to be by B2K LED by Omarion


Lastly feel sexy today yall.. B2K featuring DIDDY.. Bump Bump Bump



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