Rules for Black Clients

Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC bbwI explained my thoughts on this fully a while back, but then my original blog, was removed. So let me explain my criteria if you are a black man looking to spend time with me.

FIRST let me say, I am not a racist and certainly not against my own. I LOVE black men in my PERSONAL life, do not get me wrong. However , in my business life as a companion my experiences with the majority have not been favorable. Now again THERE ARE SOME I have met , who have been great!!!

Hell its no secret, I met my life partner as a client, and needless to say he was a keeper. I have met a FEW really great, mannerly, generous black men so this is why I do NOT have a NO AA policy .

I DO however have a selective AA male policy!

Here is a list of the type of black men I will see and the type I wont see.


Older over 35 unless you are a mannerly college guy or 20's something with an old soul.

Military Black Men

College Black Men

Business Men Black Men


Men who speak to me in slang

Men who appear at my door with their pants half off their ass.

Men who think its ok to show up smelling like weed, or smoking it during a session.

Black men under 35 , unless you meet the condition shown in the will see section!

NO THUGS, NO HOODS, not interested in that type at all.

Now , with these rules and thoughts there are exceptions sometimes I do come across the more hood guy but he is mannerly and I take that into consideration. One comes to mind last yr who I had a great session with. So all of it is at my discretion. But , he knew to be a gentleman w maturity around me. MOST DO NOT..

Black men , you may think this is unfair and you may not like what I have said but blame it on the behavior of most of your group. The behavior of the average, majority black guy in the escort community is just awful. Its up to you to change how we see you. Do better!


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