Storm’s Golden Rules, My Guide for my life.

I wanted to share these things because so many of you come to me for guidance and mentorship.

I have had my own mentality tested as of late, and tonite, after catching a breath and clearing my head…

I remembered who I am and what I bring to the table, both in business and personal.

With that, I want to share what gives me strength and encouragement, (I’m not preaching, please don’t take it as such I am sharing my most personal thoughts and mantras)

This is what makes me who I am and has since I was a child (well except the being a mother part)

1)Each one, teach one.

2)Treat others as you wish to be treated.

3)First, do no harm.

4)Judge not ,lest ye be judged.

5)If you are pretty on the outside , but ugly on the inside…you are ugly.

6)The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

7)The lord is my light and my salvation of whom shall i be afraid.

8)My children and grandchildren are my greatest accomplishments on earth. Nothing I achieve, no matter how great will ever outshine them or my love for them.

9)Be kind, be generous, you’ll get those blessings back ten fold.

10) I love myself enough that I no longer need NEED the love or approval of others (Not that I no longer want love, but I don’t need it to feel fulfilled), the only others love I need is my children, beyond that I love myself so much that I am content in even the worst circumstances. Self love = Power

I figured sharing this with clients and with ladies and whomever else I connect with on any level , escorting, mentoring, web design, will allow you to understand my character and fortitude more easily.

Have a good evening all!


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